Mothers California Clay Bar Kit Review — What to Like or Watch Out For?

Your car’s paint will gradually become dull and lackluster. And there is nothing you can do to avoid it. It doesn’t matter if you only drive your car occasionally or wash it frequently. 

There’s no hiding from tree sap, road tar, bird droppings, or other stubborn contaminants. We get it; seeing your car lose its shine is a pain. You won’t get the level of cleanliness you want even if you try scrubbing it hard with soap and water.

Only if you show these contaminants who’s boss will they leave. But who exactly is that boss? Wax? No. The wax won’t help you either if you expect it to bring back the shine and glassy look of your paint’s surface. It’s the clay bar.

Giving your car a clay bar treatment can help break the back of the beast. You can skim off the curd embedded in your car paint’s surface with this pliable bar made of a resin compound mixture.

However, with the market flooded with various clay bar brands, I decided to put Mother California Clay Bar Kit to the test and see if its dominance is truly worth it. Let’s move forward and see if this in-depth review helps you decide which clay kit to buy.

What’s Inside the Box

Upon searching the market, you’ll find the Mother California Clay Bar Kit in three deals, Deluxe Kit (3 clay bars), Express Kit (1 clay bar), and Original Kit (2 clay bars). I opted for the Deluxe Clay Kit because it provides a better value than the other two.

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What you’ll find inside the box of the Deluxe kit is:

  1. Three 100-gram clay bars
  2. 16-ounce Mother Instand Detailer spray bottle
  3. Two microfiber towels
  4. Clay bar storage container

What You’ll Love

You won’t switch to another clay bar product if you use it yourself. The previous line pretty much concludes why Mothers California Clay Bar Kit has been a top choice on the market. One-time use, and you’ll know what the hype is about, just as I did.

The first reason you won’t regret using it is how quickly it gets the work done, and that, too, in a matter of minutes. When I lightly rubbed the car paint’s surface, this efficient clay bar worked its magic and effortlessly removed a thick layer of contaminants.

It didn’t let the timer cross 10 minutes; I was already done. The result? Clean and smooth paint surface that you’d exactly wish for. I’d say that even if you’re a beginner, you won’t find a better claying buddy than this kit.

Although my kit included three clay bar pieces, breaking off a clay bar and using one section was enough for a single claying session. This makes it an even better deal for its $30 price point. 

What You Might Not Like

My experience with this efficient clay bar kit was as good as gold. However, one thing worth noting is the clay bar’s excessive softness.

There may be spots on your car where you must apply more pressure to knock off stubborn contaminants. That’s where you may see it split off because of its softness.

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This might also cause scratches on the car’s paint surface. So, you must be careful while using it. Other than this, you can rest assured that Mothers California Clay Bar Kit won’t be a bet on the wrong horse.

The Final Verdict

Given that it delivered on its promises, I highly recommend the Mothers California Clay Bar Kit for anyone looking to restore their car’s shine and protect its paint job. The only reason to love it, though, is not just that. 

Mothers California Clay Bar Kit has all the essentials to level up your claying experience. It’s efficient, easy to use, and goes a long way. The best part? It isn’t heavy on the pocket as other clay products and provides the best value.

mothers california clay bar kit review

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