How to Remove Theft Attempted Message On Your Car

Guide on how to remove theft attempted messages

Every car owner values the security and safety of their car, and nowadays, modern vehicles are equipped with advanced anti-theft systems to protect your car from any intruder accessing it unauthorized. A theft attempt message appears when any unauthorized person tries to unlock your car door, hatch, and bonnet without using any key; in this … Read more

Why Does My Car Vibrate When Idle? Detailed Guide

When you turn on your engine, the car vibrates a bit, along with other working components. But is it normal for the car to vibrate when idle? The rough rattling and shaking of the vehicle is surely not okay. But don’t worry; chances are there’s not a dangerous problem behind this. There can be a … Read more

Is it OK to Pressure Wash a Car Engine?

Your car’s engine bay has seen more action than your odometer ever will. That maze-like tangle of wires, tubes, and metal bits sulk under the hood in dirt and grease while you lavish your attention on the exterior. So why not just blast that grime away with a pressure washer? Well, pump those brakes.  Before … Read more

Mytee Extractor Review: What Makes It a Professional Cleaner?

I have a thing for keeping my ride slicker than a wet dolphin. Yet, there always seems to be an obstacle between me and the perfect car interior. The cabin was telling tales of sandy beaches and late-night fast-food cravings. Dust, crumbs, stains, and whatnot seemed like it had hosted a party for every snack … Read more

Little Green Machine Review: Bissell Extractor Car Detailing Master

Fed up with stubborn stains and dirt having a stronghold on your car’s interior? If you’re nodding in agreement, your quest for the ultimate car detailing extractor ends right here! I was out in the driveway, admiring my Porsche until—cue the horror movie music—cast my eyes on the interior. It was one of those days … Read more

Best Extractor for Car Detailing in 2023: The Top 6 Expert Picks

car dirt extraction using extractor machine

Are you locked in an epic struggle with the relentless filth that sneaks into every nook and cranny of your car’s interior? I know—who doesn’t yearn for a flawless, showroom-worthy finish that leaves a lasting impression? That feeling of a freshly detailed car is pure bliss! But then, there’s always that one stubborn stain or … Read more

How to Clean Textured Plastic Car Interior (Effective Guide)

Man cleaning car plastic interior dashboard

Who doesn’t love a pleasure trip to take a break from the worrisome world? It’s an exhilarating experience that every car owner relishes. But the delight can easily be dampened by the sight of a dirty car cabin. Maintaining your car’s textured interior can really make you break a sweat! It’s like a labyrinth of … Read more