How to Remove Theft Attempted Message On Your Car

Every car owner values the security and safety of their car, and nowadays, modern vehicles are equipped with advanced anti-theft systems to protect your car from any intruder accessing it unauthorized.

A theft attempt message appears when any unauthorized person tries to unlock your car door, hatch, and bonnet without using any key; in this case, the anti-theft system activates the horns and exterior car lamps to prevent your car from any vehicle theft.

However, these systems can often leave a “theft attempt” message on the car’s instrument cluster even after resolving the problem.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss some methods to remove these theft attempt messages from your vehicle and ensure a stress-free driving experience.

What Does the Anti-Theft System Mean?

Present-day cars use various technologies to provide a secure anti-theft system. These include alarm systems, GPS tracking of vehicles, keyless car entry systems, and many more.

A better understanding of a specific anti-theft system helps you address any issue, like an anti-theft attempt message.

Thus, an anti-theft message blinks on your car’s screen when any thief tries to unlock your car without keys. As a result, the system detects an attempt and starts displaying the message with an audible alarm. 

The situation became concerning when you saw no sign of a theft attempt, but your car’s instrument cluster still displayed the theft-attempt message.

This problem often occurs in cars like GMC, Silverado, and Chevy. Still, the solution we provide in this article will also be helpful for other vehicles. 

So now that you know what theft attempted meaning is, let’s see different methods to remove the theft attempted message without further ado.

Reasons Behind Theft Attempt Messages

Theft attempt messages can be triggered for various reasons, and some of the reasons are described below: 

  1. Unintentionally activating the anti-theft system.
  2. Sensor failure.
  3. Inside-the-car computer glitch.
  4. Unauthorized entry.

It’s important to remember that other actions, such as opening the door handle without first unlocking the car, jacking up the car, or using an aggressive compound and hitting it with an orbital, may also cause the message to appear. 

Knowing about these possible triggers is essential because they may both cause the anti-theft system and the “Theft Attempted” message to be activated. 

Issues With Silverado And Chevy Models

The most common issue with Silverado and Chevy models is that their hood sensors became faulty, and as a result, they displayed a theft attempt message on the instrument panel.

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But the good news for Silverado and Chevy car owners is that they can quickly eliminate this problem by replacing the hood sensor at any nearby mechanic shop. And the price is only a few bucks.

Man trying to break into a car causing theft attempted messages.

How to Remove Theft Attempted Message: Suggested Solutions

Before going to any mechanic, here are some recommended solutions to remove theft attempt messages from your car’s display screen: 

1. Checking Faulty Sensors

If you are receiving theft attempt messages in your vehicle and the reason behind the messages is due to a faulty sensor.

It is essential to check your car’s sensors, and if any of the sensors are damaged or become faulty, then visit the nearest car mechanic to replace them.

2. Check the battery

A dying or weak car battery can sometimes be the main reason for triggering false alarm messages, so always ensure your car battery is in good condition, adequately charged, and has a sufficient charge. 

3. Inspect the Door And Hood Sensors

Many cars display theft messages when their doors or hoods are opened. If you experience this issue, their sensors are not correctly aligned or have become faulty.

Due to this, your car’s anti-theft system displays a theft attempt message even though there has been no actual theft. To resolve this problem, check that your sensors are functioning correctly and debris-free. 

4. Reset the Alarm System

It may be necessary to reset the car’s anti-theft or alarm system, which may require pressing a few buttons or using a key fob. To do this, refer to your car’s manual for instructions.  

5. Replacing the Hood Latch Assembly

Your car’s make and model may impact how you replace the hood latch assembly. A general step-by-step manual is provided here, though. 

The tools you may need to replace the assembly are as follows:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Pilers
  • A new hood latch assembly
  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles

Step 1: First, ensure your car is parked in a suitable space and the engine is turned off. Open the hood and, using a support rod, secure it in the right place.

Step 2: Locate the hood latch assembly inside the engine bay. Near the front of the car, it is typically fastened to the frame or the radiator support. 

Use a socket set or wrench to remove the bolts or nuts holding the assembly in place. Observe which fasteners you take out.

Step 3: Release cables and occasionally electrical connectors to attach the hood latch assembly to the vehicle. 

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Take note of the locations and how these cables and connectors are attached before carefully removing them. 

Use pliers or a screwdriver to remove any clips or fasteners. 

Step 4: Now that you have successfully removed the old hood latch assembly, install the new hood latch assembly in the correct location.

Tighten all the bolts, but be careful not to overtighten them. After that, reconnect all the cables and electrical connectors.

In the last step, double-check all the connections and ensure they are secure and properly seated in their desired positions.  

Step 5: Finally, test the hood by gently closing it and ensuring the latch engages appropriately. Open and close the hood a few times to confirm that the latch functions correctly and securely holds the hood in place. 

Note: Always consult your car’s manual or seek professional help to ensure the proper replacement of the hood latch assembly.   

Getting Expert Assistance

It’s time to seek professional assistance to resolve your issue if none of the suggested fixes for the “theft attempt” message resolve it. Take your vehicle to a nearby dealership for an accurate diagnosis. 

Resetting the Anti-Theft System of the Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze has a slightly different anti-theft system than other cars, and to get rid of the “Theft Attempt” message, you must take the steps outlined below. 

  1. On the key fob, press the unlock button and leave the door open.
  2. While the door is opened, again press the lock button on the key fob to close the door automatically.
  3. In the last step, unlock the car using the unlock button on the key fob, get into the car, and start the engine.  

With the help of these steps, you can reset the anti-theft system of the Chevy Cruze and start using your car without interruption.

However, it is crucial to note that depending on the make and model of the car, the anti-theft system reset procedure may differ. In that case, we strongly advise you to consult your car’s manual for additional guidance.

Some Recommendations for Avoiding Upcoming Theft Attempts

You can use the following advice to reduce your risk of future attempts:

  1. When parked, always lock your car and activate the alarm.
  2. Park in areas that are well-lit or in facilities with security.
  3. Use a lock on the steering wheel or other apparent deterrents.
  4. Consider upgrading your car’s anti-theft system with extra components like a GPS tracker or a remote immobilizer.  
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That’s all from our guide on how to remove theft attempted message on a car. In conclusion, addressing theft-attempted messages in cars is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of our vehicles.

However, there are several other reasons why your car’s instrument cluster might show a theft attempt message.

In our article, we try our best to describe all the possible solutions to fix this issue, and if any of the fixes don’t work, then taking your car to a nearby dealership is highly recommended. 

So that a certified mechanic can properly diagnose the real problem in your car and solve it as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why does my car say theft attempted?

Your car may display “theft attempted” due to a potential break-in attempt or a malfunction in the anti-theft system. It’s a security feature to alert you of a possible theft or intrusion Always consult a professional to diagnose and address the issue accurately.

2. How do you clear theft attempts on a Chevy Equinox?

Press the reset button (RES) on the steering wheel while turning the key switch between ACC and O (the middle notch).

3. How much does repairing an anti-theft system cost?

An anti-theft system control module replacement costs between $424 and $452. While parts are priced between $315 and $315, labor is predicted to cost between $109 and $137.

4. How do I turn off anti-theft? 

Some vehicles can be accessed by simply turning the key in the door’s cylinder back and forth. To turn off the anti-theft system, try holding the key in the door and turning the key in both directions. 

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