Little Green Machine Review: Bissell Extractor Car Detailing Master

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Fed up with stubborn stains and dirt having a stronghold on your car’s interior? If you’re nodding in agreement, your quest for the ultimate car detailing extractor ends right here!

I was out in the driveway, admiring my Porsche until—cue the horror movie music—cast my eyes on the interior. It was one of those days when you glance at your car and think, “Man, you seriously need some TLC.”

Crumbs and spills from who-knows-when had taken up permanent residence, transforming my car into a dumpster on wheels! But you know what this mess led me to? The Bissell Extractor Car Detailing Expert!

Could it make my car’s upholstery spanking new again? I won’t keep you in suspense—the Bissell Little Green Portable Extractor blew me away!

In this review, I’m here to spill the beans (pun totally intended) on how this bad boy works the magic. Let’s roll! 

Bissell Little Green Extractor, top pick for best extractor for car detailing

Bissell Little Green Portable Cleaner

Bissell Extractor Car Detailing Machine: At a Glance

Perfectly easy to carry and maneuverCompact size doesn’t allow for cleaning large areas
Provides all-round performance for car seats, carpets, sofas, rugs, and curtains
Powerful performance to clean up small spills, stains, and spots
Relatively budget-friendly

What’s In The Box

The Bissell Spot Clean Pro and the Little Green are stealing the show among the lineup of Bissell extractors. For this review, we’re spotlighting Little Green, the best Bissell extractor for car detailing!

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There are four appealing bundles available, each flaunting a different Bissell car upholstery cleaner solution:

  • Little Green + Febreze Formula
  • Little Green + Pet Formula
  • Little Green + Pro Oxy Formula
  • Little Green + Pet Pro Oxy Formula

My curiosity and love for fresh fragrances led me to the Little Green + Febreze Formula. Not only does it promise a scented springtime paradise, but it also appears to be the sweet spot in terms of value.

Let’s lift the lid to unveil what’s inside:

  • 1 x Bissel Little Green Portable Carpet Extractor Machine
  • 1 x Bissell Spot & Stain Febreze Freshness Cleaning Formula
  • 1 x 3” Tough Stain Vacuum Head Brush Tool
  • 1 x HydroRinse Hose Self-Cleaner
  • 1 x Hose Clip
  • 1 x Hose Storage Bracket
  • 1 x instruction manual

Now, let’s dive deeper into the nitty-gritty and see how it performs.

What You’ll Love About This Extractor

This review will answer all your questions about why Little Green is the best Bissell Extractor for Car Detailing. Let me start by saying that it totally redefined my car cleaning experience. 

The powerful suction is like a magnet for grime. Stubborn stains and spills vanish under the command of the Brush Nozzle, leaving nothing but a pristine interior.

It dives into the dirtiest spots and scrubs and removes the mess into oblivion. Not only upholstery, but it also conquers muddy paw prints on carpets and stairs, leaving them fresh and spotless.

Another feature that makes Little Green the best extractor vacuum for car detailing is its compact and portable design. It’s lightweight and easy to use, ready to rock ‘n’ roll wherever the chaos strikes. 

But it’s as capable as its heavier counterparts. Need to clean multiple surfaces in your home? The Bissell Extractor laughs in the face of constant refills with its 48 oz. tank. More cleaning, less fuss!

Oh, here’s the nifty perk: the HydroRinse Self-Cleaning Hose Tool. Bid farewell to struggling with post-cleanup hose maintenance. Just a quick rinse after each use, and you’re ready for your next adventure.

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Speaking of tidiness, storage is a breeze too. The securely tucked hose wraps around the machine, keeping things clutter-free and organized.

As if that wasn’t enough, they throw in an 8 oz. bottle of Bissell Febreze Freshness car cleaner liquid. It fights tough stains and odors with a refreshing scent, leaving your car smelling as delightful as a breath of spring air.

But here’s what truly warms the heart: every purchase is a step towards saving needy pets. The Bissell Pet Foundation aims to rescue homeless pets, so your investment ensures a better future for our furry friends.

What You Might Not Like About This Product 

No doubt, setting your sights on the Bissell Extractor for car detailing can be a game-changer. But you might want to know some things before taking that leap.

Here’s the thing: while the 3″ vacuum brush head works wonders on upholstery, it may not be the most convenient size for area rugs and carpets. It’s effective but a tad time-consuming.

So, if you plan to use it for larger areas, you should buy the bigger nozzles separately.

Oh, and the hose could be a bit longer, too. Sure, it’s got the practicality of a compact design, but a few extra feet would’ve saved me some stretching.

But don’t slam the brakes on the whole idea just yet. The power cord, despite not being the longest in the block, offers a solid 15 feet of reach, which is nothing to scoff at. So that’s make-up for the hose, right?

Final Verdict

So, is it worth adding to your car-detailing arsenal? See, I’m what you’d call a “car fanatic.” I keep my car like a member of the family, and the Bissell Little Green absolutely treated it like a VIP! 

I mean, seriously! The way it seamlessly combines power, precision, and convenience to create an experience like no other totally blew my socks off.

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Using the Bissell Extractor for car detailing helped me achieve professional results right in my own garage! It rescued my car seats from the clutches of grime and spots in minutes.

I’ve got to say that car detailing will never be the same again for me.

If you want to explore more options to get your car cleaning game up, refer to our buying guide for the best extractors for car detailing.

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