Best Vacuum For Car Detailing — 3 Expert Picks in 2023

The wet-dry vacuums are a necessity for any functioning garage as well as for home emergencies. The trusty shop vac has been a fixture for decades. From simple tasks like cleaning around the shop to emergencies, you need to clean up spills in your car, garage, and home.

We will compare the pros and cons of just a few top models to help you narrow the search for the best vacuum for car detailing based on your needs and preferences. 

The 3 Best Vacuums for Car Detailing & Cleaning (Detailed Review)

1. Vevor Wet Dry Vac

The Vevor Wet Dry Vac has a very high rating with a more proper shape to fit into various pockets in the garage for storage. The more rectangular shape allows for easier storage vs. the wider rounded shop vacs on the market, a consideration especially when you have limited space.

This 4-gallon 5 Peak HP unit offers efficient suction while remaining quiet. It has strong 65 CFM airflow, which is tough enough for most jobs around the garage or home. This great hybrid vacuum can easily be used for your home as well; however still larger than most traditional home vacuums. Ideal for working around the workshop and garage and getting around your car’s or truck’s interior.

It comes with a 2-in-1 crevice nozzle, a utility nozzle, and a multi-functional nozzle for cleaning wet liquid or dry garbage and debris. Switch to the blowing mode for fast cleanup and push that dust out of the garage. This is a very good home vacuum as the cartridge filters are washable and reusable, with an advanced filter to catch debris as small as .3 microns. 

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2. Bissell Garage and Auto Vacuum

This is an easy one to recommend, as I find great joy in washing and detailing my cars. Maybe it’s just therapy for me, as I can be alone working on my cars on a nice sunny day without interruptions. The Bissell garage and auto vacuum are excellent for car and truck detailing.

It isn’t as big as the other vacuums but stands at a 6-gallon capacity that gets the job done, whether big or small. It is not as cumbersome as some of the larger vacuums. Still, it considers all the smaller nooks and crannies with several crevice extensions, like the precision blowing/suction tool, precision wet suction tool, upholstery brush, and detailing/inflatable nozzle tools.

3. The Craftsman Shop Vac

Let’s face it; this could easily be overkill for many DIY garages. In most 2-car garages, space is a premium, so size is a big consideration. The Craftsman Shop Vac 20 Gallon is a large unit, so it might not make your list; however, if you are running a facility or custom workshop, this is a great fit. With a max power of 6.5 Peak HP, this heavy-duty machine is great for all your jobs.

With a built-in blower port, blowing dust, leaves, and debris out of the workspace, garage, or area of need is easy and somewhat satisfying. The best feature of this machine comes in when spills need to be cleaned up fast; like any wet/dry machine, liquid clean up is simple. Thai machine comes with several accessories to help you keep your facility, workshop, or even job site looking clean and orderly. 

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