Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner Review | What Makes it Popular?

Driving by exquisite sceneries, long drives, and watching the rain through your car window are charismatic moments to form. But can you truly enjoy the moment if bird droppings are between your visions? 

Thus, owning and driving a car comes with some responsibilities, and cleaning your windows is one of them. But have you ever spent money, time, and all your attention cleaning those rigid spots? 

Mostly those blurred spots are formed due to mud, dirt, sand, or even salt. But, unfortunately, they don’t leave your life that easily and can cause major accidents. So, how about I give you a practical solution? 

While the average window cleaners claim to be the best to improve sight etc., I always found it difficult to make my windows as clear as glass, spotless and elegant. 

So, my hunt for a working window cleaner started, and I found – Meguiar’s glass cleaner. Don’t trust me yet; read the in-depth review below and decide for yourself.

What’s Inside the Box

The first thing you will notice in Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is its shiny, clean, and clear blue colour, just like the sky. The packaging is surely sturdy and reliable for some use and abuse. Let’s talk about the packaging:

You will have the following:

  • Meguiar glass cleaner: 540g of the spray bottle to clean all the spots
  • Instructions and user manual: To store and use it effectively

To use the product, you might need a few other things too.

You will need the following:

  • Microfiber cloth 
  • Microfiber towel

It is easy to use two microfiber cloths instead of one, but if you have a slightly wider towel. Then, use one of the sides for dry cleaning and the other with this cleaner. 

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So let’s start with Meguiar’s glass cleaner review and what you will like and don’t like about it.

What You’ll Like About Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner

This Meguiar’s glass cleaner review will make you fall in love with the product- because of its features and benefits. It is probably the best cleaner out there, and I have used it ever since. 

So, let’s get started with its selling point- Streak-free formula. Other glass cleaners tend to clear out previous dirt but leave new streaks to clean. However, with this product, I haven’t faced this problem. 

Every time you use it, it leaves the window clean, sparkling, and shiny without a streak or any patch lingering on it. But that’s not the only good thing about it. 

The Ammonia free formula of this product makes it an all-rounder. It keeps the environment safe for kids and families. With fewer chemicals on the surface, it is less damaging to your health and the car windows glass. 

Not only that, but Meguiar’s glass cleaner is also safe to use on tinted windows. Most chemicals damage or ruin the tints in the long run, but it ensures they are as maintained as possible. 

Fewer chemicals in the cleaner make the scent more desirable. While using the cleaner, I sensed some peachy notes and loved its unique touch. Thus, when someone asks me, “What is best glass cleaner for cars”- Meguiar’s is my answer.

Its specifically designed chemical technology prevents the window from getting smudges. So, you must clean less frequently and save yourself from the struggle. 

Its formula also helps to provide a smooth slide effect between the cloth and the window. In addition, it’s easier to clean and takes minimal time as you don’t have to dry it for some time. 

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How to use Meguiars glass cleaner?

You can clean your window in only sixty seconds. Shake well before use and follow the directions below: 

  • Step 1: Spray the bottle on the car window
  • Step 2: Rub the microfiber against the window
  • Step 3: Flip the side or take a dry microfiber to clean the glass

Note: Do not use excessive product as it can form smudges and accumulate product.

Hola! You are done. Loving the product so far? Let’s see some of the drawbacks of this product. 

What You Might Dislike About Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner

I want to be as thorough as possible while writing Meguiar’s glass cleaner review; it does have a drawback; let’s face it, nothing is perfect, right? But these drawbacks were not deal-breakers for me. 

First things first, this cleaner is on the expensive side. But, unfortunately, quality is not free nowadays; thus, to provide you with streak-free and ammonia-free qualities, it is priced on the higher end.

Apart from the expense, the anti-fog property of this product might not be for you if you live in persistently warm environments. However, the feature is effective, reliable, and long-lasting under normal conditions. 

Now that you know the good and bad of Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner, let’s head to my verdict.

Final Thoughts: Is it Worth it?

I have tried to pour out my love in this meguiar’s perfect clarity glass cleaner review-but, does it suit you? Well, to make this decision, you have to answer the following questions:

  • Do you like mud, dirt, sand, or tree sap smudges on your car windows?
  • Do you like the annoying-looking streaks on windows after washing them?
  • Do you like to buy two cleaners, one for tinted windows and the other for normal?
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Well, if your answer is no to every question, then the product is definitely for you.

Still not convinced? How about you get your hands on the cleaner and try it for yourself? 

meguiar's perfect clarity glass cleaner review

Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

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